I love Pi Phi because the girls in this chapter have a motivation I have never seen before. Being surrounded by this driven environment pushes me to be someone that I have always wanted to be. These girls support me in my academics and extracurriculars to help me be the best version of myself. Not to mention we always have fun while doing it.- Carlin Daigle, MC '20

Pi Phi was the one house where I felt like I didn’t need to put on a face when I stepped through the doors. The women here accept you for everything you genuinely are and don’t want any other version of you. I knew this would be the place where I could grow into the woman I am supposed to be. It felt like home that very first day of recruitment!- Ava Dimit, MC '19

I truly believe that Pi Phi is shaping me into who I want to be. When I got to college, I was nervous, timid, and didn't know how to reach out to new people. But when I got into Pi Phi, the girls I was surrounded by gave me so much strength and courage to be who I was, to push myself everyday, and to know that I was surrounded by the best group of friends I could have possibly been given. Pi Phi has taught me how to succeed in all areas, and I know that it is helping me grow into the best version of myself.