I love Pi Phi because the girls in this chapter have a motivation I have never seen before. Being surrounded by this driven environment pushes me to be someone that I have always wanted to be. These girls support me in my academics and extracurriculars to help me be the best version of myself. Not to mention we always have fun while doing it.- Carlin Daigle, MC '20

The reasons as to why I love for Pi Phi extend onto a list that is so long it’s unreadable! Put in words, Pi Phi has brought me a home away from home, a sense of belonging, lifelong friendships, a place to strive as a leader, and unforgettable memories/experiences/opportunities. I truly am not sure what my life would look like if it hadn’t been filled with the love, support, and encouragement from my sisters, and to be honest, I never want to know what it would have been like without. I can thank Pi Phi for some of my most learned lessons and unique memories that I will never forget. Pi Phi hasn’t just helped me in a social way it has provided me the skills to find what I want to do in my future by putting us members in a constant environment of support whether it be academic resources or just a simple good luck text for your test the next day. I will forever be grateful to Texas Gamma!- Bryce Spencer, MC '19

I love Pi Phi for many reasons but one of them is our sisterhood. There are so many different girls in our chapter, but that’s what makes each chapter so unique. I love my Pi Phi sisters and how we all come from different places, walks of life, but the one thing we share is Pi Phi. I love the friends I’ve made in Pi Phi. I am so grateful for them every day. In such a short amount of time, I have found such a close group of girls who are of course fun, but they also encourage me, love on me, and help me when I need it. My mom was a Texas Gamma and to this day she still talks to her big and other pledge sisters. They have been through all the highs and lows of life. Like standing next to them on their special wedding day, raising their firstborn children to be best friends, or sending food when they get diagnosed with breast cancer. I have grown up seeing this lifelong commitment first hand and it’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to be a Pi Phi like my mom! Now I know my sisters will always have my back, and I know these friendships will last a lifetime.- Camilla Hedlund, MC '20